Who We Are

Who We Are

Glo Products or better known as Glo Pro, started out of a need 15 years ago.
The need was simple. Our Managing Directors own home had burned down and his daughter was very badly burned. Our MD could not understand why his daughter was unable to evacuate, even though she knew how to.

This is what sparked our MD’s interest, and he subsequently did his due diligence study into the Safety Sign Industry. What he found was locally available, and what he found was available internationally were miles apart. Our MD joined the SABS Technical Committee (TC) in 2004.

Since joining the SABS TC our MD has been the voice for Safety Signs in this country. He has managed to make every important change to the SABS 1186 part 1 to 5 since 2004. Changes which include increasing the required photo-luminescent values to require the safety sign to now “glow” for 6 hours. This is far removed from the 15 min required before 2004. It is important to note that the 6 hour requirement allows the materials used to give off massive amounts of light for the first 30min after an emergency. This allows quicker evacuation under minimal or no light.
Our MD also had ISO 16069 instituted as a Recommended Practice document in 2006. This led to ARP 064 : 2006. This covers the area of Safety Way Guidance Systems (SWGS).

We as Glo Pro took on JHB City Council in 2006, in the Review Board of Appeal. The case was won by us, and in the outcome it was ruled that all buildings other than those used for residential shall have Photo- luminescent Safety Signs installed. This made Photo-luminescent Safety Signs a requirement rather than a request.

We are still extremely involved with all aspects at the SABS, in fact our MD is the Convener of the Working Group (WG) overseeing Safety Signs at the SABS. As part of his duties he is the South African Expert for the SABS to ISO (International Standards Organization). He has been in this position since 2014. As part of this requirement he travels extensively for ISO meetings, to ensure that Safety Signs in South Africa are up to par with those internationally.

The above hopefully gives you an understanding that you are not only dealing with a Safety Sign company, but the BEST Safety Sign Company locally available in South Africa. We are constantly striving to keep Safety Signs, available locally as close as, if not better than those available in all First World Countries.

Our list of happy customers goes on forever, so it would be a bit pointless typing all of them out. To them we say thank you for your ever valued support.